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To assist and advocate for people affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities
and related disorders in living meaningful lives.

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Service Coordination

The service coordinator is a person chosen by the individual, guardian, or representative, including those who are not employed by the area agency. The service coordinator’s responsibilities include:

• Advocacy on behalf of individuals for services to be provided.

• Coordinating the service planning process.

• Describing to the individual, guardian, or representative service provision options such as participant directed and managed services.

• Monitoring and documenting services provided to the individual.

• Ensuring continuity and quality of the services provided.

• Ensuring that service documentation is maintained.

• Determining and implementing necessary action and documenting resolution when goals are not being addressed, support services are not being provided in accordance with the service agreement, or when health or safety issues have arisen.

• Convening service planning meetings at least annually and as needed.

• Ensuring that all needed evaluations, screenings or assessments, behavior plans and other clinical or health evaluations are updated and, if necessary, performed; and that information from those evaluations, screenings and assessments is discussed and shared with the individual, guardian or representative.

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